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FamiTracker is a free windows tracker for producing music for the NES/Famicom-systems. The interface is based on MadTracker and should be easy to use if you've been using trackers before.

One of the features is NSF-file exporting. That allows music created in this tracker to be played on the real hardware, or even for use in your own NES-applications.

Some other features:
 * Full real-time emulation of all channels
 * Internal PCM to DPCM-sample converter
 * MIDI input devices are supported
 * NTSC & PAL modes are both supported

Bug-reports, comments and suggestions are welcome.
Source is available under the GNU General Public License.

- News -
2014-06-07 Version 0.4.3 has been released.
 - Added names to the built in VRC7 patches
 - Added option to preview full row when editing notes
 - Added option to display flat notes instead of sharps
 - Added an audio level mixer
 - Removed MIDI import
 - Added a fix for TNS-HFC carts when DPCM bankswitching is used
 - Corrected VRC7 tuning table
 - Fixed DPCM instrument editor keyboard bug
 - Fixed NSF export when using sequences with hidden loop points
 - Fixed NSF code crash when using too many assigned DPCM samples
 - Fixed crash on startup when NSFplay is located in the same folder
 - Fixed a problem with N163 and FDS waves that appeared when playing a module
 - Fixed some DPCM sample editor bugs
 - Fixed duplicated paste bug in the frame editor
 - Fixed some noise pitch slide effect bugs
 - Fixed the tremolo effect command (7xx) on VRC7 channels
 - Fixed note slide effects on VRC7

2013-02-10 Version 0.4.2 is released. Changes:
 - Added selection + drag & drop capability to the frame editor
 - NSF exporter will optimize N163 waves
 - Added initial delta counter setting to the DPCM instrument editor
 - Added a text exporter / importer (by rainwarrior)
 - Added a shortcut item for the duplicate patterns command
 - Added a volume mask option to pattern editor (edit menu)
 - Added module comments dialog
 - Adjusted filtering of FDS audio emulation
 - Fixed extra effect columns not being copied on shift+drag
 - Fixed a problem with shift+mouse wheel
 - Fixed a few other FTM file import problems
 - Fixed a problem with FDS wave previewing
 - Fixed a bankswitching bug when exporting multisong NSFs
 - Fixed VRC6 and MMC5 not being silenced by the Cxx command
 - Fixed some problems with the Dxx command

2012-09-04 Version 0.4.0 is released. News:
 - Added fixed and relative arpeggio modes
 - Added DPCM bank switching
 - Added Namco expansion sound
 - Added pattern expand/shrink options
 - Added pattern & instrument deep clone commands (by coda)
 - Added assembly source export option
 - Added some NSF export optimizations
 - Added indication of unsaved files
 - Added support for 24bit and 32bit samples to the DPCM importer
 - Added better DPCM import resampler (by Jarhmander)
 - Added an option to toggle between old & new speed/tempo split-point
 - Moved the home/end key behaviour to the impulse tracker mode
 - Removed PAL option when using expansion chips
 - Increased auto-scroll speed
 - BPM calculation depends on the row highlight settings
 - Added rainwarrior's new VRC7 patches
Fixed bugs:
 - Fixed the file creation date being overwritten when saving files
 - Fixed VRC6 sawtooth pitch bug
 - Fixed VRC6 instrument switch bug
 - Fixed FDS modulation bug (by rainwarrior)
 - Fixed FDS fine pitch setting in the tracker
 - Fixed FDS instrument release behaviour
 - Fixed export problem that occured when trying to play unassigned samples
 - Fixed VRC7 custom instrument bug in exported NSFs
 - Fixed volume problem when using the note halt command on VRC6 and MMC5

Special thanks to all of you who contributed with code and demo songs for this release!

2011-08-20 Version 0.3.7 is ready. News this time:
 - Added MML string copy/paste to VRC7 instrument editor
 - Added VRC7 built-in patch display
 - Added MML string copy/paste to FDS waveform editor
 - Added pattern font size selector
 - Added single instance option
 - Added play option to FTM file type in file explorer
 - Added context sensitive help (F1)
 - Added Ctrl+select to do whole channel selections
 - New effects:
   * H = FDS modulation depth
   * I = FDS modulation speed, high part
   * J = FDS modulation speed, low part
 - Shortcuts with removed keys are saved
 - Fixed a crash bug when frame preview is disabled
 - Fixed a sequence editor crash bug
 - Fixed another VRC6 release sequence bug
 - Fixed the PAL flag bug when loading PAL FTMs
 - Fixed a pitch effect (Pxx) bug in exported NSFs
 - Fixed a portamento effect (3xx) bug on noise channel in exported NSFs
 - Fixed MIDI sync clock receiver
 - Fixed a square channels emulation bug
 - Fixed a song editor bug
 - Fixed a problem when saving VRC6 instrument files
 - Fixed a small vibrato export bug

2011-01-23 Version 0.3.6 is ready. This update contains mostly bug fixes, and a few new additions:
 - Added support for importing modules as songs
 - Added a shortcut option to show/hide control panel (in settings/shortcuts)
 - Added alt+left/right to move to left/right channel
 - Added select block begin/end commands (Alt+B/E, available in IT-mode)
(A complete list of fixed bugs can be found in the readme.)

The plugin export interface is also updated by Gradualore. A new example exporter is available: exporterplugin.zip

2010-07-24 FamiTracker now has support for export plugins, thanks to Gradualore (from nesdev boards).
He has provided an example exporter and sound driver to demonstrate the functionality, it can be found here: exporterplugin.zip
It also contains all info needed to create own plugins.

2010-07-23 Version 0.3.5 is now out with support for FDS and VRC7 expansion sound
 - Delete key deleted two rows on the bottom row, fixed
 - Entering an instrument column number moves to that instrument
 - Fixed a bug that caused files with 64 instruments to not load
 - Fixed export bug where instruments with empty sequences caused the file to not work
 - New effect Sxx, cut note after xx frames
 - New effect Xxx, DPCM retrigger, xx = delay in frames
 - Added a feature to remove unused instruments and patterns
 - Load/save instrument & DPCM paths bug on Windows Vista & 7 fixed
 - Beeps on Alt+[key] removed
 - Redraws screen on row highlight change
 - Fixed pattern display when frame preview is disabled
 - Fixed the inconcistency when using note delay and speed change on the same row
 - DPCM file preview added
 - CTRL+click in frame editor to queue next frame when playing
 - Added VRC7 & FDS sound
 - Added the note release command.
   (Release-part of sequences is defined by a '/' in the sequence string.)
 - Shortcut editor supports combinations of ctrl+alt+shift
 - Added a new vibrato mode that bends both up and down
 - Fixed a bug that caused corruption when using undo after pattern size change
 - Custom exporter plugin support is added

2009-05-20 Version 0.3.0 is ready! News in this version
 - MMC5 expansion sound support
 - Improved pattern editor (possible to select multiple channels, drag'n'drop, control+drag = copy, shift+drag = mix)
 - Ctrl+wheel = Transpose selected notes
 - Shift+wheel = Increase/decrease instrument, volume and effect values
 - Scroll lock = Toggle follow mode
 - Control+D = Duplicate frame
 - It's possible to edit directly in the frame editor by double clicking
 - Customizable keys for note cut, repeat and clear field
 - Added second highlight
 - Added a repeat action key
 - Fixed a bug with the tremolo effect

2009-01-12 Version 0.2.9 is out. News in this version
 - New effects Q, R (pitch slide), A (volume slide)
 - Fixed a tempo bug in the tracker
 - VRC6 support added
 - Improved the song editor
 - Added options to disable follow mode when playing and customizable row highlighting
 - Added clear patterns command
 - Wave file export
 - Added .NES file exporting
 - Improved hardware sweep commands in the tracker again
 - Fixed a bug where NSFs would fail if there was deleted instruments in the file
 - Fixed a problem with NSF bankswitching
 - Fixed some problems with note delay command in tracker and NSF

2007-12-03 Version 0.2.7 is out. News
 - New NSF code, creates smaller NSF files.
 - New pattern effects: V, square duty setting/noise mode; Y, DPCM sample offset.
 - Fixed some bugs in the instrument editor to avoid crashes.
 - Added modplug keyboard style when the modplug setting is enabled.
 - Added an option to mask instruments when inserting new notes.
 - Added a tempo box to the song settings.
 - Fixed mixed pasting, instruments is now also pasted.
 - Fixed the instrument sequence too long crash bug.
 - The commands speed, jump, skip and halt are handled from muted channels.
 - Added a shortcut editor to the option dialog.
 - Fixed a bug that occured when moving the cursor when multiple effect tracks are visible.
 - DPCM delay works in the tracker.
 - Fixed a problem that caused 8-bit wave files to fail when imported to DPCM.
 - Some new shortcuts.
 - And more, see the change log in the help file for a more complete list.

2006-10-09 Version 0.2.6 is finally done. News this time:
 - Support for creating NSFs with multiple tracks
 - Added an option to create bankswitched NSFs, for files bigger than 32 kB
 - Updated the sequence editor, a few presets are available
 - It is possible to save and load instruments from files
 - Added preview of previous/next frame
 - New effect: Note delay (Gxx)
 - New effect: DPCM delta counter setting (Zxx)
 - Added preliminary MIDI output
 - DPCM clicking in the tracker can be turned off by an option
 - Added an option to mix pasted notes (pastes only in free cells)
 - Adjusted hardware sweeps in NSF
 - Added a switch, /clearsettings, to remove settings from the registry
 - Fixed a bug that crashed the tracker when songs with 64 frames was loaded
 - Fixed the DPCM sample save bug
 - Fixed the Exx (volume effect) bug in NSF
 - Fixed DPCM loop in NSF
 - Fixed triangle popping on note offs
 - Fixed a problem that occured when the instrument number was removed from DPCM notes
 - Fixed speed problems in NSF that appeared when speed/tempo was set to $20

Note: Files saved in this version will not be possible to open in older versions!

There's still no expansion chips, but it's moving forward. Cannot say exactly when it'll be available though.

Update: The images in the new help files was broken but is now corrected!


FamiTracker is made by jsr. I'm not affiliated with Nintendo.
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