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A NES scene music archive
The NES development site
Blip_buffer, by blargg. Band-limiting sound library used in famitracker
Chiptune music news
A Famitracker section at MCK wiki, in japanese
A web stream for old 8/16 bit computer music
Eightec's site featuring game music compilations
A chiptune upload site
A chiptune related news site

Other composing tools
Nerdtracker 2, a NES sound tracker for DOS. Also available for Windows.
A tool for creating NES music by using MML (Music Macro Language)
Another tool for creating NES music using MML
Boukichi's tools for Mac OS X

NSF players
Winamp plugin and stand alone player
Winamp plugin, also available for other platforms
Stand alone NSF player
Winamp plugin

NES music composers

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